Skeeball (by Gameloft)

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Enjoy the first official Skee-Ball game for mobile devices! Compete in dozens of events across 10 locations in America and win championships to unlock new challenges as well as new skins for your balls and machines. Play Skee-Ball, Scat Cats or Alley Hoops to try and beat your high scores! Watch the replays of your best shots to show off your skills or step into battle mode to play against up to 4 of your friends on the same device. Everything that makes Skee-Ball fun is now on your cell phone!
* The official Skee-Ball license for the first time on your cell phone!
* 3 types of gameplay faithfully re-created to provide you with 
all the fun of Skee-Ball, Scat Cats and Alley Hoops!
* Dozens of challenges and events to play and unlock across 10 classic 
American locations, from New York City to Seattle and even Roswell, New Mexico!
* All kinds of unlockable achievements earned by performing spectacular shots! 
You can also try to win new game modes and skins for your balls and machines!
* A Battle mode that lets you play with up to 4 people on
the same device for even more fun and enjoyment!
* A replay mode to watch your best shots again and again along with a statistics 
section that records all of your past shots and best performances!

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