Rise of the Lost Empires (by Gameloft)

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Just a few clicks will have you building cities, raising armies, going through dungeons, and launching offensives against opposing forces. Can you lead your Empire to victory? Several centuries have passed since the Empire of Light defeated the Empire of Darkness and destroyed the gates of Hell. But now the howls of the Orcs can be heard once again, compelling men, dwarves, and elves to come together under the banner of Light. Hell's gate has been rebuilt: a new war is inevitable! Download Rise of Lost Empires onto your mobile phone and become the Master of Light or Darkness.


- A true game of strategy: colossal armies to lead, cities to build, and resources to manage.
- 2 campaigns – one with humans, the other with Orcs – and no fewer than 20 missions.
- Easy to pick up and play: build a city or lead an army with just a few clicks.
- More than 20 units to control and 20 different buildings to construct.
- 6 heroes with tremendous strength and magical powers that will lead your armies.
- Digitized voices: hear your troops respond to the call of their master.


96x65 (3510)
128x128 (Motorola)
128x128 (K300)
128x160 (2760)
176x204 (Motorola)
176x208 (N-Gage)
176x208 (7610)
176x208 (3250)
176x208 (N70)
176x220 (K700)
240x320 (Samsung)
240x320 (6131)
240x320 (6233)
240x320 (K800)
240x320 (S700)
240x320 (W910)
240x320 (N73)
240x320 (N95)
320x240 (E62)
352x416 (N80)