365 Board Games : 7 in 1 (by Connect2Media)

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365 board games includes up to 7 games, each with user-customisable rules and a range of difficulty levels. If you're a new player or an old hand who just enjoys fun traditional board games, then 365 board games is for you.With a range of play options including ‘against the computer’,pass and play multi-player,a selection of game rulesAND three difficulty levels! 365 board games lets you play it your way! Designed to evoke the feel of classic board games, this pack includes classic games, Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, and Tic Tac Toe.

Game Features
  • Upto 7 classic boardgames in one easy-to-use pack
  • User customisable rules so you can play it your way
  • 3 levels of difficulty, designed for casual players and non-experts
  • Evokes the feel of classic boardgames played on wooden boards
  • NB: Number of games included dependent on handset