Popeye (by Namco)

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Capturing the spirit of the classic ‘80s arcade hit, Popeye lets players relive his perennial quest to win back his sweetie, Olive Oyl, while overcoming the antics of his rival, Bluto. Players help Popeye win her back by collecting Olive’s love tokens in this mobile-optimized update to the popular arcade classic. Collect the hearts, musical notes and cries of “H-E-L-P” that a captured Olive tosses down to collect bonus points, while avoiding the Sea Hag’s thrown bottles, Bluto’s punches and other dangers. True to the comic and cartoon series, Popeye is “strong to the finich” if he eats his spinach, temporarily gaining the strength to go after Bluto and knock him off the screen. Players can redeem earned points to view Popeye comic’s right on their mobile phone. Play Popeye by Namco in arcade or enhanced mode (filled with action-packed new levels and character cameos). 

Help Popeye win back his sweetie by collecting all the tokens of affection she throws down to him in each level.
• Sweetheart round: hearts
• Love Notes round: music notes
• The Black Barnacle round: letters H-E-L-P
• A Dream Walking round: letter Zs (Enhanced Mode only)