Postal Babes (by Herocraft)

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A large number of hotties are ready to go everywhere the mobile phone owner goes, right on the screen of the handset. Herocracft promises a really shocking and intriguing creation. They will have the chance to play with the concept, think it over and turn it into an application just as taunting and seducing as the Postal Babes idea itself. "You'll be shocked, amused and tempted! This game will give you a real chance to play with your own Postal Babe!", said Herocraft CEO Pavel Prokonich.

The mobile game follows the same line as the videogame which has evolved from the images of hot women looking to impress through their provocative look and tough scissor action. Ten years have passed since the release of the original version of Postal. The concept has been taken further, in seven sequels of online comic strips and MODs as well as challenging games. The mobile phone version is only one next step in the Postal Babes line of conquests.