NOM 2 : Free Runner (by Gamevil)

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"NOM", as an award-winning game, has won the hearts of many players by its unique gameplay. The one-button casual gameplay makes it easy for anyone to play! It approaches mobile gaming from a different perspective - rotated to the right, the left and even upside down! And "NOM 2" continues, and even surpasses the first, bringing the game to a higher level.

During the game, you must run, jump and fight. In order to reach your destination, you have to avoid the obstacles and gain energy candies, which helps you recover. The boss stages are better designed than the original. In "NOM", there's only one boss in the last stage. While in "NOM 2", you will encounter bosses every 4 stages, and you must hit them in different ways. For example, in the first boss stage, there's a bar and a red point. When you hit the red point correctly, you have a chance to beat the boss. The fighting movements in this boss stage are more like "Kung Fu".

In the HELP section, you will see that throughout the game, you use the "OK", "1", "3", and "5" keys to perform actions. Now, as far as I knew, this game is supposed to be a ONE-Button game. So why do I need the 1 or 3 keys? Is there any new elements in the game? I was very curious about this. Then in the latter levels, I found the answer. The man separates into 2 parts, one in black and one in white. You must control them with the 1 and 3 keys, which is kind of difficult, because when you rotate the screen, the key pads are not rotated, and you must change your mind very quickly, which means at that time, 1 is not "1", and 3 is not "3". It's high time that you stimulate your left brain. And if you miss, the boss will attack you mercilessly.