Gremlins Spellforce (by Q-Plaze)

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Gremlins Spellforce

Do you know what to do when gremlins knock at your city’s gate?
When their short but very sharp claws scratch at the houses doors and grim laughter dings in your ears even at night?When the smoke of their siege machines almost covers the sun and battle airships start to scrape the weathercocks on the towers?

Gremlins Spellforce Gremlins Spellforce Gremlins Spellforce

    * Original and vivid game in fantasy style;
    * Plenty of non-typical characters, equipment and animation;
    * Unusual and absorbing gameplay;
    * Dozens of colorful animations and special effects – spells, explosions and magic creatures;
    * Simple and easy-to-use controls;
    * High game speed on each and every phone model;
    * Game is available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish.