How To Translate Mobile Games

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How To Translate Mobile Games and Apps

In this tutorial i'll teach you how to translate mobile games. Note that not all of them may be translated! Also note that the second method is most likely to not work 'cuz non of the newest released mobile games uses text files anymore for their dialogs and such! So let's begin :)

What you need in order to translate:
- WinRAR
- Notepad
- MobiTrans (download it here)
- InClass Translator (download it here)

First of all , you must know the basics:
1. All java games has .jar extension

2. Using WinRAR (or other archiver) , extract the .jar file 
into folder so it will be easy to work with

1.InClass Translator Translating

You'll need to extract the .jar file (with winRAR or other archiver by your choise such as 7zip , PeaZip etc.) in sperate folder. Now open the folder with the excracted files , open InClass translator too. You'll need to check all .class files that the game contains with InClass Translator to make sure which one contains the dialogues and other text to translate!

When you find the right .class file with game dialogues or other, you now can edit them. Most of cases , the game text are spread in more than one .class files. That's why you should check all of them! Be carefull not to edit any important game data (codes etc.) , also leave underscore characters and such. 

NOTE: In most cases , this character "|" means new row , so don't delete it eather.

When you're done translating, just save the edited .class file and drag and drop it back in the archive (.jar file) where it was to replace it with the original. You should now have the updated .jar file with the translated .class files! Congrats , that's all! =)

That's it for this method. It's tested and it works !
Tutorial written by @psydex
 2.MobiTrans Translating

First of all,the java games always are with the extension .jar
Using WinRAR we extract the jar file into a folder and now we can see all of the .class files and the other game files.
Now,there are many ways game companies save the language files and the most common ways are: they create a "lang" file that contains all the language files,or they save them as .txt (note this doesn't work to all games)

Step 1

1st case(Lang folder that contains archive files)
We find the lang file and we open it.
Inside we can see some archives with names like:"0","a","b" etc.
Using the notepad we open the first one the file "0".
We will see some languages such as "English","Espanol" etc.
We change the name(for example "Espanol").

If English is in 3rd line,that means that the English language file is the file "c" in the lang folder.So we find it and open it.Then we just have to translate all the words that are inside this file.That's an example(we try to translate english to spanish):

Name:  2.jpg
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2nd case(Lang folder that contains lang files)
In that case,inside the lang folder we can see some lang files.For example,the english language file is the file gb.lang

Name:  Χωρίς τίτλο2.jpg
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Then we right-click the lang file we want to translate and we clic at "View File".We just have to translate all the words that are in this file the same way as in 1st case.

Step 2

We open Mobitrans and then we open the lang file we want to translate:

Name:  Χωρίς τίτλο3.jpg
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Then we get this:
Name:  Χωρίς τίτλο4.jpg
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We just click to each of the line and translate it to the language we want:

Name:  Χωρίς τίτλο5.jpg
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We repeat this for all lines until they are all translated.
After that we click at the save button and then ok(we don't care about the other options that there are).
Then we return to the directory where we had decompressed the jar file and we can see that many files are created.
From there we change the name (for exampleof the class "e.class" to "e.class.bac" and the file that MobiTrans named "" we rename it to "e. class "and do the same process with any other file type that we have
translated with the program.

Step 3

We open the original application and we go to the directory where the original lang file is and we gar and drop the file we just translated.we click at ok or if the WinRAR asks you to replace the file just say yes and then we do the same process for each of the files that we have translated.
Once we are done,we are ready to install the game to a mobile phone and play!!!