Dragon And Dracula : Christmas Adventure (by Herocraft)

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Dragon And Dracula (Christmas Adventure)

There is another mission for the little brave Dragon! Dracula is back, he
plans to conquer the whole world ! You'll have to outsmart evil monsters
and defeat Dracula in the final battle. Don't forget to collect gifts and
eat some food ! Many dangers will be on Your way. The first opponent you
will encounter is a zombie. This creature is not only blind but extremely
stupid as well. The knight is a much tougher opponent. Capable of seeing
you even with his back, he will immediately rush toward you when he notices
you, trying to hit you with his sword. Watch out! The bats are your first
aerial opponents and you will certainly going through many near-death
experiences with these flying beasts. But none of these enemies come even
close with Dracula. This monster can spit and hit you, turn into a bat and
teleport himself.


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