Drakulin: Son of Drakula 3D (by RTZ interactive)

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Drakulin, the forsaken son of Dracula
needs your help in getting to his coffin before first light. Scream
your way up the 6 levels of his castle through 100 blood curdling
chambers each more fiendish than the next and all in stunning real time
3D. This devilish 3d puzzle game will keep you awake all night.

-Totally addictive puzzle game play.
-100+ levels in standard download size.
-6 Difficulty levels
-Character Based narrative.
-Stunning 2D and 3D graphics
-Fully textured high polygon environments on mass market phones
-Full screen rendering of 3d world (no large areas of un textured block color)
-A true coherence of style over 2D and 3D versions.
-Post sales opportunities in level download and “Send me the solution MMS
-One handed play
-Play compliments “5 minute break approach to mobile games.
-Event based tips.
-Training integrated seamlessly into story progression.
-Unique approach to sound, to be non invasive and non repetitive.

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