Raging Thunder 2 (by PolarBit)

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Raging Thunder 2 just appeared for download mere moments ago. We're still putting the game through its paces, but so far Raging Thunder 2 fulfills nearly everything on my checklist of what makes a fun arcade racer.

WOW: Неистовый Гром 2 WOW: Неистовый Гром 2

The sensation of speed is great, there's a boost system, tons of jumps, and even a car damage system. Five game modes are included ranging from the standard time trials and career mode to an "arcade" mode where you play through as many races as possible without the timer reaching zero. In total there are six cars and twelve different tracks, although most will need to be unlocked through career mode. It even has internet multiplayer.

 WOW: Неистовый Гром 2 WOW: Неистовый Гром 2

Amazingly enough even with all the stuff packed in this game, Raging Thunder 2 only weighs in at the 3G download friendly 15MB. We're going to be spending some more time with the game, but after burning through a few races our initial impressions are very positive.

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