Super Water Bomber (by Digital Chocolate)

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Blast bully gangs off the playground in up to 128 levels of water bomb
battle fun in this instant classic action strategy game! Outsoak high school
bullies, vicious dogs and creepy boss clowns using an arsenal of up to 9
different water balloon types and items - including TNT, Sniper and
Cluster balloons! Complete missions in up to 4 different theme zones to
make the city safe again for the kids!

*Turn-based water bomb fighting in up to 128 challenging levels!
*Arsenal of up to 9 super soaking water balloon types and special items-
Jumbo, Sniper, TNT, Cluster and Timer balloons, and more!
*Multiple enemy types – vicious dogs, mean high school kids, drop outs,
creepy boss clowns and other surprise opponents!
*Map of up to 4 city zones in which to root out the enemy – park,
suburbs, downtown and carnival.

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