Marsho Madness (by Konami Mobile)

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Marsho Madness is an addictive, button blaster where you have to
enter correct button combinations in order to attack enemies. Your
character, Eats, is stationary and like asteroids you have to defend
yourself from overwhelming odds of strange creatures. Each type of
"Marsho" moves and acts differently, demanding varied and dynamic
approaches. Strategic accuracy generates combo points, multipliers, and
splash damage: all key to advancing score. Extra lives and consumable
powerups appear incrementally the longer the player survives. Marsho
Madness requires quick-reflexes and is surprisingly fun, as a
high-adrenaline action game.

» Addictive fast paced high-adrenaline gameplay
» Multitude of various combos maximize your score and keep you playing
» Earn power ups: Paint Brush ( changes all targets to 1 command
pattern), Goo Cannon ( targets everything on the screen), Bomb (wipes
out everything in the blast radius).
» Quick reactions and demanding varied dynamic moves
» Distinctive characters and art

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