Doom II RPG (by EA Mobile)

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THE LEGION OF DOOM broke out AGAIN. To save humanity, you get to hell
... DOOM 2 RPG, the sci-fi horror masterpiece, DOOM-style, is a unique
experience. Choose one of 3 characters (Major, Sergeant, science) of
the plot ... with an incredible arsenal multidimensional destroy more
than 40 supernatural enemies in hell brutal firefights dimensional ...
your way into 9 levels loaded with adrenaline, mystery and destruction
... to the depths of 'HELL !

N70 (176x208)
N95 (240x320)
C905 (240x320)
W302 (176x220)

(by Me)


240x320 Nokia S40V3
240x320 N95
240x320 SE K800
176x220 SE W810
240x320 SE M600, W960
240x400 LG
240x400 Samsung
240x299 Motorola
176x208 N70
352x416 N80
360x640 N97
240x320 SE W900

(Thanx to Psydex)