Hulkamania Wrestling (by Gameloft)

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When professional wrestling itself is threatened by Darkness, the only
hope is for the sport's immortal hero, Hulk Hogan, to return to the
ring and set things right. Join the Hulkster in the ring for the
wildest wrestling contest ever. Get ready for an intense and
spectacular fight against 7 outrageous wrestlers. Hit 'em with a Head
Splitter, dodge the opponent's clothesline, then finish them off with
the Big Foot. Once he's down for good, go for the pin and: ONE, TWO,
THREE, DING! Victory is yours, at least until your next match...

The official mobile game of Hulk Hogan, the greatest wrestler of all time.
3D isometric view for total immersion into the ring.
An amazing number of moves, just like on TV: Suplex, Boulder Throw, The Jewel Breaker, and more!
Play as Hulk Hogan and 7 other monstrous and crazy superstars, each one with their own look and fighting style.
Amazing game modes: Ring on fire, fights with weapons, beat the clock and much more.

Download Links:

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176x220 (SE W810i):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (SE K800):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
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240x320 (HTC Touch Screen Version)
(thanx to JPeres)