Revival: Deluxe (by Herocraft)

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Game features:
game in the best tradition of "Civilization"
vast expanses of war and peace for development - 10 planets and 34 mainland
the widest variety of tactical: 4 types of cities, 21 species of
military detachments, 25 species of urban buildings, 27 types of

Campaign storyline of 9 missions with four dozens of intermediate
advanced artificial intelligence, adjustab le difficulty level, the possibility of 7 games against rivals at the same time
all the charm of this step-by-step strategy: the extraction of
resources, urban construction and development of technology, fighting
on land and at sea, experience and upgrade
new improved graphics and great music.

Name: Revival Deluxe
Screen Size: 240x320
Archive Size: 179 KB

Vendor: HeroCraft
Language: RussiaN