Crazy Taxi 3D (by Sega Mobile)

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A SEGA fan favorite, Crazy Taxi
puts gamers into the driver seat as a fearless cabbie with serious
attitude. Racing against the clock, “mobile drivers” must rack up
mega-bucks before their shift ends by picking up passengers and zipping
through city streets and back alleys. The wild, mission based gameplay
and interactive environments make Crazy Taxi one racy title! SEGA is developing 2D and 3D versions of Crazy Taxi.

*Pick up customers and take them to their chosen destinations as fast as possible.
*Earn better tips by performing stunts and drifts.
*4 different drivers and their amazing cars, each with their own unique attributes.
*Progress through a giant free-roaming environment rendered in 3D.
*Lots of shortcuts for non-stop speed and custom tricks!
*2 game modes: Arcade and Fixed Time Limit "

Download / Изтегли:

Chinese Versions:
Arrow 240x320 (N73)
Arrow 240x320 (K800)


English Versions:


176x220 K750/W302
240x320 W910
240x320 3D


S40v2 128x128
S40v2 128x160
S40v2 208x208
S40v3 128x160
S40v3 240x320
S40v5 128x160
S60v3 176x208 3D
S60v3 240x320 3D
S60v3 320x240 3D
S60v3 352x416
S60v5 360x640 3D

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