Ball Rush 2 (By Herocraft)

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Now you are able to travel along the world of
winter fairy-tale! This game excels in it’s diversity — from the form
and features of the bat through to the large variety of tasks involved:
you don’t need to destroy all of the blocks, just open a way to the
upper part of a screen to pass the level, and then to pass the next
ones until you reach the top where you can really have fun and smash
everything in sight! Over a hundred original locations are included
alongside two levels of difficulty and a huge number of bonuses, which
make the game even more captivating and attractive to play! Throw in 13
types of blocks which all have different margins of safety and you are
ready to tackle the rewarding and absorbing experience that is Ball
Rush 2. Some blocks restore after being crushed and some are almost
indestructible. But don’t worry, your arsenal is ready for these trials
because you can use fire and ice balls, missiles and bombs, which will
hall help you to make your way to freedom!