Action Hero 3D: Wild Dog (by Com2uS)

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Not to be confused with Super Action Hero, though created by the
same developer, Action Hero 3D is a side-scrolling fighting game. Users
play as Wild Dog, an unwitting contestant on a television show who
somehow, after winning on the show, gets chosen and transported to a
parallel universe so that he may become a real hero and save it from
the evil Dr. J. (No, not the basketball player.)

In his wolf costume, Wild Dog is as tough as they come with a full
arsenal of kicks, punches and special moves. Most enemies, on the other
hand, tend to be less spectacular in their attacks but nonetheless can
pack a punch to leave you reeling. This makes the case for the
equipment slots available that can be used to store purchased items
such as health and special attacks. The way this works is that after a
level is completed, you can choose to enter a store to obtain these
items, plus others, to use during battle. They can only be used once,
but up to 10 can be stored for extra long levels.

There are six main areas to fight through but each is broken down into
levels and then further down into smaller stages. Each has unique
enemies, and a boss character, but one thing that makes this special is
that the enemies can be collected and used. By used I mean
that they can also be equipped and grant you abilities. This, along
with the ability to also Level Up, add some depth to the game, though
there aren't any melee weapons to use.


One other important feature of the game is that it also has an online
component. Here, the main purpose is to take on battles that other
users set up for you. Basically, levels with enemies are created, based
using those that have been collected, and other users take them on.
This area comes also with leaderboard standings.

Action Hero 3D is quick and looks great in 3D, with some very nice
visual effects but unfortunately won't be available until later, so
you'll have to keep an eye out for our final review.


Няма никаква кракната/пиратска версия
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