World's Hardest Maze (by Jarbull)

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Mr. Cubie was a happy square guy until his village of geometrical shapes invaded by zombie circles and he has been put in a dungeon. Mr. Cubie wants to save his village from the zombie circles, but he needs to get out of this dungeon to do that. Don't think that getting out of that dungeon will be easy; Mr. Cubie has to pass through world's hardest mazes to reach the exit of the dungeon. Those mazes are creations of the evil mind of zombie circles and they are filled with lots of deadly traps and merciless enemies.

World's Hardest Maze is a puzzle platform game which tests skills and reflexes at the same time. You have to deal with 30 levels of amazing mazes and non-stop action. The controls are easy to learn and the gameplay is addictive. Are you ready to help Mr. Cubie to escape from this dungeon and save his village?