Gun Fever (by DeValley)

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A very long time ago, the world experienced a golden age of elaborate technology. But time has done its share of work and the past is nothing but a rusty object laying in the vast deserts covering the planet. Nevertheless, the past has not vanished into thin air...For with each decade comes an upsurge in mechanical power, called "the mechanical tidal wave". A wave of destructive machines rises to destroy everything in its path.
So to fight fire with fire, every town has been provided a Ranger, a trigger-happy ace whose shooting zeal will determine the chance of survival for each city dweller...


- An explosive cyberwestern adventure !
- Fight however you like ! Gun fights, crossfire, counter attack, fight man to man, riddles
- An avalanche of mini-games and frenetic battles !


128x128 (K300 / S40)
128x160 (K500 / S40)
130x130 (C65)
176x208 (3250 / N70)
176x220 (K750)
208x208 (6230)
240x320 (K800 / S60 / S40)

(supplied by @Etty)