Tatak : Pyramid Runner (by Jarbull)

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oneTatak is back and he continues his adventure at the land of pyramids. As a result of an unfortunate time travel experiment, Tatak finds himself transported to Ancient Egypt. Tatak decides that Ancient Egypt is not the idea place to live, so he seeks a way back to home. Soon enough he finds out that there is a star gate at Great Pyramid which can teleport him to his home. He immediately starts to run through the whole path to Great Pyramid to reach the star gate. However his journey won't be an easy one; pharaoh placed many obstacles and horrible circular saws on the path to stop the ones who want to reach the star gate. The only thing Tatak can rely is his speed and power of gravity reversal.

This is a game for who like action and platform games. Tatak travels through uniquely designed levels and fight with different obstacles through the game. The controls are easy to learn and gameplay is addictive. Tatak needs to reach the star gate before while it is still open and he needs your help to do that.