Where's Wally Now? (by Gameloft)

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In Where’s Wally Now?™, join the world’s most famous striped traveller as he journeys across time and space. Test your observational skills in a series of classic search-and-find levels that explore the Pyramids up to the Future in a game perfectly adapted to short gaming sessions. In each level, play mini-games with Wally’s friends and foes including Woof and Odlaw, and progress through the game to unlock bonus content and earn achievements. Stripe seekers, now is your chance, travel in time and find Wally!

Graphics and audio themes that recreate the atmosphere of the comics.
7 search-and-find levels taken from the famous “Where’s Wally Now?” book.
Multiple variations, introducing new constraints or elements to find.
Plenty of exclusive and unique mini-games to keep you entertained.
Additional levels will allow you to control Woof and Odlaw in new challenges.
The story of “Where’s Wally Now?” recounted throughout the game.


(supplied by @Dedomil & @Stox)