Darkest Fear (by Rovio)

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Horror gets a new meaning in Rovio's Darkest Fear. The mystery begins with an eerie phone call from the wife of Dr. Thomas Warden. She is working in an old hospital mansion and begs him to come and save their child. Darkest Fear defines an entirely new category of mobile games, inviting the player deep into a haunting story of hidden mystery and bitter despair. As Thomas moves deeper into the mansion, he needs to solve several puzzles and rescue patients from the bloodthirsty creatures lurking in the dark. Only light, reflected realistically from walls and mirrors, can save him and his family from a grisly end in the dark.

Darkest Fear features 15 challenging levels, each with its own puzzles to solve and hazards to overcome. Intense feeling of angst will test the nerves of even the most jaded player, with shadows constantly acting as a reminder of what you cannot see. One wrong move taken in haste is all takes for you too to get torn to pieces!