War Monster (by Wicked Witch)

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Download the hottest new Role Playing Game for Wireless. Take up arms with the goblins and set off to rescue Quotasia! The four elements, Earth, Fire, Wind & Water are in chaos and destroying your home world. Cast exploding Frost balls on enemy Trolls, hack Goblins with magical battleaxes and explore caves with hidden civilizations. To restore balance to the elements you will have to gain experience and become lightning fast, learn to cast havoc reeking spells and bulk up to stone crushing strength. The elements of Quotasia are no pushover though, as you get tougher, so do they!


Goblin, venturing too far south is exploring and collecting the native flowers and herbs of his region. As the wind picks up he is reminded that he has probably travelled too far and time could have gotten away. Goblin drifts blissfully in his own world when amidst the cool calm a small sound interrupts his thoughts like an unwanted splash of cold water. The goblin looks back in the direction from which he has come. His breathing quickens as another sound is heard, a short way off. The goblin's absent amble becomes a nervous scurry as he makes his way to a clearing. Peering over a bush the goblin sees a tall bearded man wearing a blue cloak lying on the ground, smoke rising from his injured body like steam off a boiling spring in winter.