Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare (by Rovio)

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The final part of Rovio's award winning horror trilogy will be here next month. Expect more ingenious lightning effects, two controllable characters and FIFTEEN endings take mobile gaming to a new level and of course the scariest music to come out of your mobile since Crazy Frog. Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare is the final part of Rovio Mobiles award winning Darkest Fear horror trilogy. As Thomas, you are forced to come up with ways to lighten your pathway with fire sparkles, water reflections and burning objects. When controlling Helen however, light is the deadliest of

The games ingenious puzzles, horrifying atmosphere, fifteen different
endings and Helens new monster abilities offer a unique experience.
The game throws flesh-eating creatures, prowling zombies and three
monstrous bosses against you.

Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare is the final part of Rovio Mobile's award winning Darkest Fear
horror trilogy. The game offers a unique atmosphere and completely new
lightning effects like never seen on mobile. Ingenious puzzles, two
controllable characters, fifteen different endings and Helen's new
monster abilities take mobile gaming to a new level. The painful history
of Grim Oak is about to be revealed. But can you confront your worst


(supplied by @Terjef)

Special Instances

You can find the hidden mini game from the Sewer 1
Unlock the bonus level by getting a total rank C

Unlock levels: 74255652
Complete level: 83793279
Lot's of monsters: 9662437
All abilities: 327838658464
Immortality: 46667825489
Unlock mini game: 3673767
More stones: 783685

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