GoGo Sushi for the iPhone (by Ozgnahc Inc.)

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Gogo Sushi by Ozgnahc, Inc is an iPhone game in which you are the master chef of a sushi restaurant trying to make a living by feeding your starving customers with delicious sushi. This game is all about speed and precision, as you must quickly fill their orders while also trying to make money at the same time.

Controlling the game is quite simple. Whatever your customers want to eat will appear as an image above their heads. You must then provide them with their order by matching the ingredients to their sushi in the right order. Once you are finished you just tap the sushi on the rotating plates where they receive and deliciously eat it to their hearts to delight. If you get it right a flow of hearts will appear but if you get it wrong they will become angry and leave the restaurant that will ultimately affect your overall revenue for the day.

The music and graphics of the game matches a Japanese feel. Users will be presented with Japanese style traditional music that fits the game well. The graphics are simple and not too complicated which should appeal to casual gamers.If you are looking for a simple game to kill the time GoGo Sushi might be for you. Why not try it out there is a free version as well!