Night at the Museum 2 (By Gameloft)

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Museums boring? Not when their exhibits come to life at night! Play the official, action-packed mobile game of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian! Avoid dinosaur fossils, escape from a giant octopus, chat with the world’s greatest statues, hitch a ride in an antique airplane, ride in a motorcycle side-car and face off against the most dangerous armies in human history! At the Smithsonian Institution, when the lights go off, the battle is on.


Release DateOut Now!
  • Extra rich gameplay mixes Platforming, Action, Adventure, Racing and even Flying!
  • 2 playable characters: Play as the night guard Larry Daley and Dexter the monkey!
  • Visit 5 locations: From the Air & Space Museum to the National Archives!
  • Game scenario inspired by the movie, full of action, adventure and humor.
  • Avoid stuffed lions, chat with a statue, ride an airplane, face off against armies, and more.
  • Meet history’s greatest figures: Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, General Custer and more.