Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak (by Rovio)

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It has been five years since Dr. Thomas Warden first begun unraveling the mystery behind a series of eerie events at Grim Oak's hospital. Thomas finds an exhausted patient of Grim Oak hospital. The patient reveals that all patients of the hospital, that were believed to have died in the after-treatment of a terrible disease, are alive but dark monsters have begun lurking in the city. Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak brings you more dynamic lightning sources and multiple collectable objects. Sixty items, such as magnet, surgical knife and rope will help Warden to advance in his thrilling adventure. Thomas will need them all to complete his horrendous adventure.

Rovio Mobile invites you to encounter your ultimate fear in Darkest Fear? 2: Grim Oak. Dr Thomas Warden has to challenge himself with new puzzles of light and dark. The whole city of Grim Oak is searchable: museum, hospital, shops, graveyard and morgue. The painful history of Grim Oak will be revealed!