Touchgrind (v1.4.0)

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TouchgrindSkate like a pro in this first real multi-touch skateboarding game ever.Just like in real skateboarding or fingerboarding, Touchgrind is a game of skill that takes 10 minutes to understand but weeks of lectures, boring meetings and family dinners to master. Learn the tricks and impress your buddies.The innovative finger controls together with true physics simulation let you pull off tricks like ollies, shuvits, kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, 5-0, 50-50, crooks, smithgrinds, boardslides, tailslides, darkslides etc in endless combinations.

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 1FEATURES

- True physics
- Innovative multi-touch controls
- 12 unlockable boards with different abilities
- Warm Up, Jam Session and Competition modes
- Tutorial videos
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Realistic sound

iPhone Screenshot 3Touchgrind (.ipa) - 15.3 MB
Touchgrind (.ipa) - 15.3 MB