Soul Catcher (by Dynamic Pixels)

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ImageOnce upon a time in a dark underground realm, from time immemorial called Hell, there lived a demon. He led usual devilishly unattractive life - polishing cauldrons, keeping fire alive, sweating with the infernal heat. Once it happened that the senior demon found fault with demon's work. And he sent delinquent demon to the Devil. The Devil then said: You're guilty, demonic one. . It's time to redeem your fault. Set out for the Earth and find there three unaccounted souls, which are hiding in the cloister!

The demon had nothing to do but to obey his devilish master. He appeared on the monastery court in flames and clouds of smoke and proceeded to carry out the hard task.Monks are not eager to help the demon. Moreover, they are making signs of the cross over him and trying to drive the demon back to Hell. But he can't return without the souls!So the demon has to cheat, play tricks and use keenness of wit there are lots of hiding places in the old cloister so it's easy to get lost. And there are also mad alchemists on demon's way.

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Game features:
- amazing and bright graphics
- unique spirit of the Middle Ages 
- opportunity to put yourself in the naughty demon's shoes
- numerous tasks, which require keenness of wit and logical thinking
- lots of funny situations
- violent-free: there is not a single murder in the game


(language: Russian)

128x128 (K300)