Tatak : The Great Escape (by Jarbull)

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One day Doctor T was working late in his lab. The phone rang and Doctor T hit the volumetric flask accidentally with his elbow while trying to answer the phone. The substance spilled around and a creature was brought into life miraculously. This creature found its way through pipes into the depths of the underground.

Tatak: The Great Escape is an amusing strategy platform game with excellent graphics and exciting levels. Tatak mobile game features a lab originated creature called Tatak and offers adventure and adrenaline as well as serious brain activity.

You will be navigating Tatak in Tatak: The Great Escape mobile game. Help this cutie escape the relentless foot. You have to find your way through the map. Try to spot the empty areas underground so that you avoid the foot. If the foot steps on him, Tatak will die. Time is limitless, go as far as you can to gain points. Tatak's life depends on you…Run to survive!