Doodle Jump : Deluxe (by Mr. Goodliving)

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We all know what Doodle Jump is one of the most addictive games out on mobile phones to date. Doodle Jump Deluxe brings you the same old Doodle Jump fun with 4 new themes to twist things up. A Christmas, Halloween, Jungle, & Space Themed levels are in this one now with new enemies and power ups. The local high scores and stats are pretty cool and make the game that much more better.


JAR JAD» 176x208(nok_n70) [672Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(mot_e2) [190Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(nok_c2) [193Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(nok_n73) [118Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(nok_n95) [1437Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(nok_n96) [1241Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(sam_b3310) [116Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(sam_f400) [490Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(sam_f480) [382Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(se_k800) [1438Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x320(se_m600) [116Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x400(lg_gt505) [378Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x400(lg_kp500) [379Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x400(sam_s5230) [1199Kb]
JAR JAD» 240x432(se_Aino) [1201Kb]
JAR JAD» 320x240(lg_gw300) [377Kb]
JAR JAD» 320x240(nok_e5) [1239Kb]
JAR JAD» 360x640(nok_5800xm) [486Kb]
JAR JAD» 360x640(nok_n97) [514Kb]
JAR JAD» 360x640(se_VivazPro) [488Kb]

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