Total Tennis : Womens Edition (by Fugumobile)

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The women’s circuit has just got hotter with the new edition of Total Tennis. So grab a racket and play against the leading ladies of our time as you battle your way from the early rounds to the grand slam title. Choose from 3 playing surfaces (grass, clay and Hard) for each tournament.

To play shots-Press Joystick/5 to hit towards the center of the court. -Press 1 to hit towards the left sideline -Press 3 to hit towards the right sideline. To serve,press Joystick/5 to toss the ball in the air,then -Press Joystick/5 to serve the ball towards the center of thecourt. -Press 1 to serve towards the left sideline. -Press 3 to serve towards the right sideline


240x320 (N95)