Force Recon (by Shamrock Games)

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World War II is fully underway. A small elite troop of Allies has been sent over the front line to breach the enemy resistance. You have this once in a lifetime chance to assist in the many operations of the unit! You'll take part in a foray through the deserts of Africa, fight against the enemy in the narrow alleys of European cities and find and destroy a secret missile base in the Palatinate Forest. Choose to play different main characters and different weapons! Carry out dangerous missions in remote enemy regions and defeat them!

Game Features 
- Amazing graphics creating a World War II’s atmosphere filled with dangers;
- Exciting action story accompanied with dialogues of main characters, briefings and over 45 spectacular in-game movies; unique animations of weapon shooting and explosion;
- 17 levels of dangerous missions; 3 campaigns in North Africa and some European cities; different strategies can be applied;
- The player can choose to play 3 main characters (Captain Casey Brown, a sharpshooter, Corporal Dusty Miller, an experienced engineer and explosives expert, Lieutenant Andy Stevens, a weapons expert) and different weapons (sniper rifle, pistol, submachine gun, etc.); each character has 3 stages of development;
- Many important assignments to be completed by the player while carrying out dangerous missions (crossing over the front line, blowing up enemy fuel depots, freeing the members of the resistance, etc.);
- 6 enemy’s weapons types (pistol, submachine gun, heavy machine gun, Faustpatrone, mines, bombs);
- Easy to learn controls