Excreman - SERIES (by Net Lizard)

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You can believe, this is a great game that has no analogues. You'll play in it during your lunch break! It is enough to spit, jump on your enemy and your victory is close. But you can reach the last floor only after having put your feet in the toilet bowl!
You could only dream of such a mobile game - incredible game play, amazing graphics and most exciting sound effects. A beautiful arcade game with various obstacles.
You are operating with unimaginably dirty, stinking and always eructating Super Hero. He is going to have a long and difficult journey all over the world of Sewerage, teeming with dirty and dangerous creatures, which you’ll face everywhere.

Available for:   
128x128 / 128x160 / 130x130 / 132x176/ 176x208 / 176x220 / 208x208


This is game is the Christmas adventures of the famous ExcreMan.

Stinking, dirty and always vomiting Super Hero, traveling around the winter Sewerage world, teeming with dirty and dangerous creatures.
Fighting with hordes of ShitMen you can use a number of cool funny tricks: teleportation by washing-off yourself in the toilet bow, trampolines slippery hills etc.

Available for:   
128x128 / 132x176 / 176x208 / 176x220 / 208x208 / 240x320

 EXCREMAN 2 : Stinky Summer

n the world of the water drain there has come summer and adventures smelly and is eternal belched superhero ExcreMan precede. It sends to travel on the years water drain teeming dirty and dangerous creatures, meeting continually. Worms, excrements and used condoms have woken up after long winter hibernation.


 The mad birds thrown the eggs are danger too. There are flights of flies and sewer drains. Plunge into world of the water drain this inconceivable and shaking with the grotesque!

Available for:   
130x130 / 132x176 / 176x208 / 176x220 / 208x208 / 240x320