Lordmancer (by Mobilniy Aktiv LLC)

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 Walking here, along old town districts, you can see a lot of time-worn, deserted houses. But very few people drop in at them. This story began with that very moment when my friends and me decided to explore one of such forsaken buildings. We stepped into the backyard and moved towards the door, maneuvering between trash piles. We entered the house and saw that it was devastated completely. There were several cheap pictures hanging on the walls. The furniture was really old, but not antique, though. Carpets and curtains seemed to be a nice decoration for some junkyard. Candles resting on the shelves, windowsills in the stalactites of guttered wax — left candle-blacks all over the ceiling and walls. We walked across dark, gloomy rooms and saw the same picture of devastation everywhere, felt the same nasty smell of dust and decay. We went up the stairs in half dark, and saw another room, a big one this time. It was filled with half-rotten furniture.

To begin playing, you have to:
1. Create a free account
2. Create a hero of chosen race
3. Download game (Java application)
4. Set up Internet access for Java on your phone
5. Launch the game and enjoy Lordmancer!


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