Stranded 2 : Mysteries of Time (by Glu Mobile)

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Unlock the mysteries of the past, present, and future in a race against the clock to save mankind. From a secret facility to a prehistoric island, solve puzzles to propel through time and prevent a future disaster. Uncover clues from characters, hunt ferocious predators of the past, and protect yourself against threats of both today and tomorrow.


  • Island Quests – complete quests, explore the mysterious islands and solve challenging puzzles.
  • Time Travel - seek out the past on the uninhabited island and hunt dangerous prehistoric dinosaurs.
  • Dawn Until Dusk – as the sun rises and sets, watch as the surroundings transform, and discover new items at specific points of the day.
  • Seeing is Believing – with superior visuals, the 3D detailed graphics immerse the player into a vibrant and lifelike world of exploration and peril.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always make sure you have a good supply of darts before travelling to the past.
  • The garden area in the future is great for getting plants to sell to the trader or use with the enclosures – plant the seeds in the present, and then go to the future to pick them up fully grown.
  • Amber you get from cutting down trees is highly valuable and will fetch you a good price with the trader.
  • Try to collect everything you can – you will need lots of cash in the later levels to progress.


128x128 (SE K300)
128x160 (SE W300)
176x220 (SE K550)
176x220 (SE K700)
176x220 (SE W810)
240x320 (SE K800) 3D
240x320 (SE W950)
240x320 (SE S700)

176x208 (Nokia 3250)
208x208 (Nokia 6230i)
240x320 (Nokia S40)
240x320 (Nokia N73) 3D
240x320 (Nokia N82) 3D
240x320 (Nokia N95) 3D
320x240 (Nokia E61) 3D