The Sims : Medieval (by EA Mobile)

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Playing The Sims Medieval gives players the chance to build this medieval kingdom, controlling every character - from kings and queens to knights and sorcerers, blacksmiths and bards. Players can also create a record of their state, using a system of missions - forge a legendary sword, or to arrange a royal wedding, to protect the country from the evil mage, or find the fountain of youth. Each task is performed differently, depending on what the player sends the hero on the deed. The fate of the kingdom in your hands. Do you build a country occupied by the problem of internal improvement, or you closer forma empire, expanding their power by expanding into neighboring lands? Will you seek fame and popularity, or dedicate all the time caring for the health and welfare of its citizens? The choice is yours! Since the beginning of a new game the player can choose a new target for hiskingdom and begin a new adventure.