Nostradamus : The Last Prophecy - Part 1 (v1.0)

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Nostradamus The Last Prophecy - Part 1When Catherine de’ Medici asked Nostradamus to put a stop to a curse hanging over the Royal family, the tired, sick astrologist had no choice but to send his daughter in his place.
This marks the start of a disturbing investigation for Madeleine, where political plots and mystical prophecies are strangely entwined…Either as herself or disguised as a man, as circumstances dictate, the young woman unravels the threads of a dark mystery that, gradually, reveals an unusual destiny.

Change the course of History by defeating the last prophecy of the great philosopher Nostradamus! Discover the first historical adventure game based on Astrology and the prophecies of Nostradamus.Get ready to investigate a series of murders targeting the Royal family and become a criminal profiler ahead of time. Play the role of Nostradamus’s daughter, or her male alter ego depending on the situation, in order to progress through this mystical quest. Discover a wealth of Machiavellian riddles and puzzles based on Astrology, Alchemy, Pharmacy and runic symbols.

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Delve into the world of Renaissance Provence and discover superb realistic photo-quality decorsbackgrounds that faithfully depict the historical world of Nostradamus.