Aerial Assault (v1.4)

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Aerial Assault
In 2012, the doomsday with earthquake and tsunami which people used to imagine is not coming. In Nov. NASA announced they having been found the existent of another creatures in the outer space that could astonished the whole world. However, before the news haven't been published yet, a city was ruined by a group of the unknown enemy in one night. In the meantime, such similar happenings put on continuously around the world. Human kind are threatened by the invading of aliens army before the end of the world, a mess of UAV are mad as hell and assaulting all the countries of the world.

iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 2
- easy single-tap to control
- 3 difficulty flights (advance to harder mode after 8 level completion)
- 8 challenging maps
- original sound tracks for all 24 levels
- spectacular end-of-level bosses
- compatible with iOS4 and Game Center support


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