LightSaber (Applicaion)

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LightSaberLightSaber is a fun app that turns your Symbian device into a virtual light saber.

These days there are so many fancy dress costumes and Star Wars toys around that it's quite easy to pretend you're a Jedi. Now you can take the Force around with you wherever you go thanks to this rather fun app for  various accelerometer-equipped devices). The device's much-hyped 'accelerometer' allows the phone to track movements, meaning that every time you swing the device LightSaber plays the sound of the famous war stick. The noises in LightSaber are pretty realistic and it features the famous swooshing sound along with the noise of two light sabers touching. There's also an illuminated screen that's great for impressing your mates in the dark (or demonstrating how sad you are to be waving around a phone and pretending it's a weapon from Star Wars).


NOTES: Please ensure you have the N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis installed
Also ensure you install on phone memory and NOT on the memory card
Some people are having problems with installation and certificates. 
If you have a problem Go to:

Applications -> App mgr - > Options -> Settings -> Software Installation -> Select ‘All’