Battleship : Modern (by NetLizard)

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Everyone's favorite game from the pages of school checked notebook is available in your cell phone now! New life has been given to this classic board game, well known among students of all ages! Be sharp and cunning! Line up your fleet in a battle formation in a way, which would make it difficult for your enemy to figure out where your ships are hidden!
In a new Hi-tech mode with New Unique Arms, the game becomes even more interesting!
Use the latest achievements in military technologies! Your opponent would be an artificial intelligence with 3 difficulty levels. Bluetooth connection will give you an opportunity to play with a real opponent.

 Main characteristics:

- support of all sensor (Touch Screen/Stylus) phones;
- two-player game via BlueTooth;

- 2 game modes:
        Classic (Classic Battleship)
        Hi-Tech (a mode with new opportunities)

- 2 playing options:
        Single player with PC
        Multiplayer via BlueTooth channel

- Newest game options:
Strike from a satellite, mines, radars, torpedoes, air bombing, shot from a cruiser, captain-kamikaze, napalm, etc.

- dynamic and exciting gameplay;
- unusual style and design;
- ship placement generator;
- different complexity levels:
        Lieutenant (Newbie)
        Captain (Expert)
        Admiral (Professional)

- Immediate game saving and loading in both single and multiplayer game;
- Lots of different music and realistic sounds
- UNIQUE game online statistics system
language: Russian

(supplied by @IGOR777)