AXA (by Dark Crystal Entertainment)

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AXA is back! Meet the tough comic heroine from the 80s in this classic action-adventure!
Somewhere in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, mutant warriors attack a colony of survivors and abduct the tribe leader's daughters. Help AXA rescue the kidnapped girls! Follow the mutants' track through destroyed villages, dangerous caves, grubby sewers and the deserted city. Use your sword to fight evil creatures and your brain to solve the tricky puzzles. Hurry up! The girls' fate is in your hands!


· A Sexy Heroine
· Sword Fighting Action
· Challenging Puzzles
· 50 Rooms To Be Explored
· 20 Items To Be Discovered
· 6 Beautiful Rendered Graphical Settings
· Pictures From Romero's Comics
· Atmospheric Soundtrack
· User-Friendly Icon System
· Item-Item Combinations
· Automatically Saved Game State
· Landscape-Support On Supported Devices
· Many Hours of Entertainment

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