RDM Plus : Remote Desktop for Mobiles (Application)

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Access remotely your computer even through NAT and Firewall from mobile. You can send and receive emails, edit word documents, surf web , manage files and folders and do hundreds other things that you usually do sitting in front of your home or office computer. 

Access your PC from your mobile device wherever you are
Control your desktop remotely, manage files (available on computer web-browser only) and send e-mails easily from any Internet-connected computer, your iPhone or iPod Touch.

1. Download and install RDM+ Desktop on your computer. 
Read the installation step-by-step guide for more information.
2. Install RDM Plus on your phone by downloading this file (mirror) .
3. Connect to the remote computer by entering the computer number, account name and the password.

 (these are actual screens from my phone 
connected to my PC - tested and works perfect on K800)