3D Racing Evolution (by NetLizard)

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Start your career steering the wheel of an incredible Mustang.Stepping on accelerator you will pass through Russian villages, serpentines of Crimean mountain roads and visit a fairy-tale of Moscow city!Your new conquests are amazing upgraded cars, professional rivals, crazy drifting and smoke under your wheels!

- complete 3D mobile graphic
- realistic car movement on dry asphalt
- 4 full-fledged rivals with high level of AI
- Nitro accelerating!

Different effects:
- sparks during a crash
- smoke under the wheels
- trail from tires in a road
- car skidding

Camera modes:
- far view from behind a car
- close up view from behind a car
- from absorber

Types of control:
- with auto-accelerating
- without auto-accelerating

3 types of graphic highways
- mountain
- city
- countryside
- possibility to stop during the game and have a “look around” of your car
- list of records after track finish
- multiple soundtracks during the game