Megamind (by THQ Wireless)

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LET’S GET DOWN TO HERO BUSINESS – The dust has barely settled after Megamind’s epic battle against Tighten, but now the city faces an even greater menace! With Metro Man retired from the hero profession, a pack of marauding villains threatens to wreak havoc on the local populace. It is up to Megamind to save the city once again, from its subterranean depths and treacherous streets to the perilous rooftops above.

Construct unique gadgets like the Mega-Cyclonizer to unleash a flurry of justice on evil-doers. Smash items around the city to unveil battle bonuses, including Blue Energy to fuel gadgets, helpful power-ups and health tokens. Tune in to updates from the city’s most trusted news source, Roxanne Ritchi. Receive help from Megamind’s trusted sidekick, Minion.


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