Splatterhouse™ (by Namco)

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You are to playing as a college student named Rick Taylor. He tries to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, who disappeared after hit in the West Mansion. Confronting the otherworldly creatures, Rick finds a "live" mask, which offers to give him strength to find Jennifer. Rick puts on a mask and thereby transformed into a monster "juggernaut". The story of the game was created by comic book written by Gordon Rennie.

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128x160 (K500)
176x208 (N70)
176x220 (W810)
240x320 (K800)
240x320 (5000d)
240x320 (N73)
240x320 (N95)
320x240 (E71)
352x416 (N80)
360x640 (5800)
360x640 (N97)