Dynamo Kid - SERIES (by Orange Pixel & Mobers.ORG)

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A long time ago, in a place called DreamIsland, all the friendly creatures lived as one. It was all peacefull and friendly. Till one day a monster called Moopie arrived. Moopie did not like the happy DreamIslands creatures and he decided to make some friendly happy creatures disappear. One night when all the friendly creatures were sleeping Moopie sneaked around the Island stealing all the magic stars that made the island so colorfull and happy and kidnapped the happy people. With all the happy creatures being gone Dynamo Kid was called in for help.

You play the part of Dynamo Kid in his adventure to resque the fuzzy happy creatures and all the magic stars and bring back happyness to DreamIsland. Because of the sad state of the island some creatures have lost their friendlyness and you must watch out to not get hurt by them or the island will stay sad for ever.



  This time you have to save the DreamRealm of the evil dino's that are out to take over the ever so peacefull DreamIslands. Many new and interesting creatures will try to make your adventure a failure!

Once again you can play the part of DynamoKid in this great platform game featuring colorfull graphics, many cartoony and funny creatures to jump on and of course the simple gameplay that made the original such a hit.

· 16 fun filled levels
· 4 Different fantasy worlds
· Unique and colorfull graphics
· Addictive platform gameplay
· Skirmish random-play mode
· Handy-continue play mode saves your progress for your next play moment
· OnPhone Highscore saving
· Challenging fun for the casual gamer


After almost 3 years OrangePixel lets Dynamo Kid return to action in a new adventure. Dynamo Kid is called by the Fuzzs, they need his help: saving their stars, taken by the wind. Run and jump your way through four worlds: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. Each world contains a few levels. And they are filled with creatures, hazerds, hidden rooms and ofcourse stars and SuperStars.

* 4 worlds, 16 levels
* music accompanying every level
* great storyline between the worlds
* unlockable achivements
* online highscore rankings
* Zeemote ready!



Dynamo Kid Android, screenshot 1

Dynamo Kid Android, screenshot 2

 It’s tough, challenging, addictive, tricky and not for the faint of heart, period. What else someone would expect from a $2 game? The controls are real simple; to make Dynamo Kid jump, the user has to tap on the screen. This was the easy part of the game. The game gets complicated with the introduction of the bad guys. They can be killed with the same touch approach. Along the way there are the villains with balloons which can’t be killed but can be moved with the tap.