Dogfight 1916 (by Herocraft)

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In the beginning of the 20-th century people came true one of the sacred dreams - they invade the sky. Small wooden constructions, named planes, allowed to achieve the height up to 1000 meters and bring up to speed 120 km/h. Was invented a new sport for a brave people. But guns and bombs, attached to the plane's body, invert it to the art of war. To win in that art meant became a hero and left alive...

* Modern 3D engine, which allow user adapt the level of graphics depending of device abilities
* 3 game modes: "Flycraft" (fly through checkpoints by fixed time), "Deathmatch" (dogfight, purpose of which is to destroy all enemy planes), "Defensive" (team battle, purpose of which is to destroy enemy AA turrets)
* 6 types of planes and 12 missions
* Multiplayer using Bluetooth up to 6 players
* Unique artificial intelligence
* Realistic realization of game objects destruction
* Effects based on particle system
* Possibility of redefining of game keys